Custom designed training courses & workshops to upskill workforce. Delivered by Sustainability Experts.

- Sustainable Project Management Fundamentals
- Green Project Management Strategies
- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Project Management
- Environmental Impact Assessment in Project Management
- Circular Economy Principles for Project Managers
- Sustainability Reporting and Project Management
- Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Projects
- Sustainable Procurement in Project Management
- Renewable Energy Project Management
- Water Resource Management in Projects
- Sustainable Construction Project Management
- Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainable Projects
- Climate Change Adaptation in Project Management
- Sustainable Risk Management in Projects
- Sustainable Budgeting and Cost Control

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Custom designed training courses & workshops to upskill workforce. Delivered by Halal Industry Experts.

Following are some of the topics:

- Halal Management
- Introduction to Halal Certification and Compliance
- Halal Food Industry Management
- Halal Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Management
- Halal Pharmaceutical Management
- Halal Tourism and Hospitality Management
- Halal Logistics and Supply Chain Management
- Halal Standards and Regulations
- Halal Marketing and Branding Strategies
- Halal Packaging and Labeling Compliance
- Halal Certification Auditing
- Halal e-Commerce and Online Retail Management
- Halal Finance and Investment Principles
- Halal Risk Management in Business
- Halal Meat Processing and Slaughterhouse Management
- Halal Fashion and Apparel Industry Management

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